Your Second Doctor ApS ("YSD") is committed to ensuring that our clients feel safe about our handling of their personal and health information. This data processing policy describes how YSD handles and protects the information we receive. If you contract a second opinion from YSD, or contact us with a view to entering into a contract (e.g. send us unsolicited, initial e-mail questions about our service), this data processing policy will apply.  

This data processing policy is issued with reference to EU's Data Protection Directive and the Danish Data Protection Act. In order to fulfil your contract with YSD, YSD will receive personal information about you, including contact information and health information (collectively "personal information").

When you enter into a contract with YSD, we will need to receive your contact information in order to communicate with you (name, address, telephone number and e-mail). In order to prepare your second opinion, we will also need detailed information about your health and medical history (sensitive personal data). You expressly accept that we receive and process:

  • Health information you provide in our medical history questionnaire;
  • Medical records, test results, medical imaging etc. that we receive fro you or collect on your behalf pursuant to a power-of-attorney (this may include your civil registration number); and
  • Other correspondence, notes etc. that relates to your second opinion case.

As part of the preparation, delivery and follow-up on your second opinion, you expressly accept that YSD:

  • Receives, organizes, digitalizes and stores your personal information;
  • Selects the specialist doctor or hospital that will be responsible for the preparation of your second opinion, and forwards your personal information to such doctor/hospital, whether located within the EU or the United States of America;
  • Receives your second opinion from such doctor/hospital and forwards it to you;
  • Arranges for translation and/or summarization of your personal information by an external translator or doctor, if your second opinion is to be prepared by a doctor working in another language; and
  • Conducts such other processing of your personal information that, in our reasonable discretion, is related to the preparation, delivery and follow-up on your second opinion and servicing of the customer relationship.

We process your personal information in connection with the performance of your contract to deliver a second opinion, including to identify and communicate with you, handle the customer relationship and to fulfil applicable legal requirements, including invoicing and bookkeeping. The legal basis for the processing is EU's Data Protection Directive, article 6 (1) (b) regarding performance of a contract and article 6 (1) (c) regarding compliance with a legal obligation.

We will only share your personal information with the doctors, hospitals and/or translators that need such information in connection with the preparation, delivery and follow-up on your second opinion. We may also share your personal information with other advisers, such as lawyers, if we need their advice in connection with the performance of the contract or any disputes relating thereto. They may operate within the EU or the United States of America. We will ensure that they are made aware of the confidential nature of the information. They will be data controllers in their own rights and be required to process and store the information pursuant to applicable laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

We use reputable third party contractors to process and store your personal information, including e-mail server hosting. Other sharing of personal information will only occur if and to the extent required or permitted by relevant laws and regulations.

Generally, Danish law requires us to store your personal information until the end of the 5th year following the performance of our contract, or for so long as YSD is required by bookkeeping standards or other relevant regulation. However, we will delete your medical records and other sensitive personal data without undue delay following the delivery of your second opinion (usually within 14 working days), unless other significant reasons, such as documentation of possible legal proceedings, indicate so.  

You may at any time withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal information. You may also request us to delete or rectify your personal information and inform you of the personal information we store. Any such requests will be processed without undue delay. Please note, that you cannot require the deletion of data if and to the extent that YSD is required by law or regulation to store such information, e.g. for bookkeeping purposes.

Personal information must be provided in sufficient quality, detail and completeness to provide a sound foundation for the preparation of the second opinion. Please note, that we may not be able to deliver your second opinion or service our customer relationship if you require personal information deleted.

We continually reassess our security measures to ensure that your personal information is processed safely and with due consideration to your rights as a customer.

YSD is the data controller with respect to your personal information. YSD can be contacted at:

    Your Second Doctor ApS
    Bredgade 63, 1st floor
    DK-1260 Copenhagen K
    E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Should you wish to file a complaint regarding YSD's processing of your personal information, please contact:

    The Danish Data Protection Agency
    Borgergade 28, 5th floor
    DK-1300 Copenhagen K
    E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Revised 25th May 2018