Second Opinion service

YourSecondDoctor helps patient make faster and better decisions on their healthcare. Through partnerships with some of the world's best medical experts, we provide our remote expert second opinion service. A medical expert within your specific condition will perform a comprehensive review of your medical records and test results with new eyes. This can help you confirm or challenge your existing diagnosis, learn if better treatment options are available, or whether further testing is recommended.

Getting a second opinion is particularly valuable:

  • If you are unsure about your diagnosis or treatment options.
  • If you suffer from a chronic or serious condition.
  • Before undergoing surgery or starting other treatment.
  • If your treatment is not working or has unexpected side effects.
  • If you are having problems understanding or communicating with your treating doctor.
  • If you want to get peace of mind.

We cover virtually all diagnoses - from non-critical, episodic needs to complicated, chronic conditions. Medical research shows strongly support the value of getting a second opinion - more than half of patients will receive changes to their diagnosis, treatment plans or prognosis.

Our careteam will guide you through every step of the second opinion process. We will match your case to a leading specialist. And we will collect and prepare your medical records in such a way that the second opinion review can be performed without the expert seeing you in person, ensuring that no travelling or appointments are needed. You will usually receive your second opinion report within just 10 to 14 working days after we have received the relevant medical records.

How do I proceed?

You can get an overview of the processes and read answers to frequently asked questions. Our care team is ready to guide you.