Second Opinion service

We cover virtually all diseases, except mental illnesses and dental issues. To provide a second opinion, we just need to get access to an initial diagnosis from your doctor or hospital.

Our services are available through collaborations with select employers, insurance companies and pension funds. If you have been advised that you have access to our services, you can contact us to initiate your second opinion case - please contact us as per the instructions provided to you by your employer, insurance company or pension fund.

Step 1 | Start your second opinion case

  • Contact us to clarify any initial questions.
  • We will check whether your employer, insurance company or pension fund covers our second opinion fees.
  • If you wish to initiate your second opinion case, we will send you introductory materials.

Step 2 | We collect your medical records

  • A member of our careteam will contact you to discuss your medical history and agree which concerns you seek to address in your second opinion.
  • We will need copies of the relevant medical records. We will guide you on how to retrieve these or will be happy to collect them for you pursuant to a power-of-attorney, which ever you prefer.

Step 3 | We match your case to a medical expert

  • We will select a medical expert that will prepare your second opinion and ensure that the relevant medical records are made available to the expert.
  • We will handle all the communications with the expert and contact you if the expert has any questions.

Step 4 | You receive your second opinion report

  • You will receive your second opinion report, usually within 10 to 14 working days of our receipt of the relevant medical records.

Step 5 | Follow-up questions

  • If you have any questions to the second opinion report, you have the option of sending us 3 follow-up questions within 10 working days of receiving your second opinion report.
  • Your questions will be answered in writing by the medical expert within a reasonable time. This completes the second opinion process and your case material will be deleted from YourSecondDoctor's servers.