Second Opinion service

Below, please find answers to frequently asked questions to our remote second opinion service. Please do not hesitate to contact our care team if you have any questions.

How do I collect my medical records?

The second opinion will be based on the medical records we receive. If you don't already have a copy of the relevant records, we would be happy to help collect them for you pursuant to a power-of-attorney. Alternatively, you can collect them by contacting the office(s) of the doctor(s) and hospital department(s) that have seen you in relation to your condition. We will contact you to discuss your preferred option.
Who selects the specialist that will provide my second opinion?
Our expert second opinions are provided by a carefully selected panel of highly renowned board-certified top specialists. They work as professors or senior consultants at leading university hospitals across Western Europe and the USA and are among the very best within their specialties. They have the expert insights to thoroughly review complex cases based on the latest medical science. Upon screening your medical records, our team will identify the specialist we deem most appropriate to review your case.
Will I be able to contact the expert directly?
In order to ensure quality and consistency in our communications, we will handle all interactions between you and the medical expert responsible for the preparation of your second opinion.
Will the second opinion be able to diagnose me?
We will need a copy of your initial/existing diagnosis. The expert can then review your diagnosis if that is your reason for seeking a second opinion. If there is uncertainty about your diagnosis, the focus of the expert will often center around providing recommendations for further tests (where relevant) that may provide more clarity on your diagnosis.
What will my doctor think about me getting a second opinion?
Doctors generally welcome their patients seeking second opinions. You should not feel concerned about offending your doctor as their primary goal is to get you better and a second opinion is simply an additional resource in doing so. If you decide to inform your doctor about your intentions to seek a second opinion, it is advised to frame the conversation in a straightforward and positive way.
Will my medical records remain confidential?
Yes, our services are confidential and we will not share your medical information with anyone – not even your own doctor, employer, health plan, or anyone else. Only the YourSecondDoctor care team and the doctor involved in your second opinion report will see your medical records.
How long will you store my medical records?
Your records will be deleted from our servers shortly after your second opinion has been provided and the deadline for submitting follow-up questions has expired. You may at any time ask that your records are corrected or deleted from our servers (we may then be unable to provide you with the second opinion and you may forfeit your payment, please see to our Terms of Use). The second opinion doctor is bound by regulations and professional standards in his/her country of operation, and such regulations may require him/her to store your medical records for a specified time.
Will I need to see a doctor to get a second opinion?
No, the second opinion will be provided on the basis of the medical records we receive and without a (new) physical examination.