About YourSecondDoctor

YourSecondDoctor ApS is a medical information company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are specialists in facilitating remote expert second opinions, thereby helping clients arrive at the most accurate diagnosis, identify the best treatment options and get peace of mind. We provide our services to progressive companies and organizations who provide second opinions as part of employee benefit programmes.

Our remote expert second opinion service offers: 

  • Access to some of the world's top specialists
    YourSecondDoctor has carefully selected a panel of internationally-renowned top doctor who are among the very best within their specialties. They work as professors or senior consultants at leading university hospitals across Western Europe and the United States and are included in our panel on an invitation-only basis.

  • Patient-centric relationships
    Our dedicated care team is there to guide our clients safely through the second opinion process. Our service is fast and convenient over the internet and telephone, ensuring that no appointments or travel is needed.
  • Unbiased recommendations
    YourSecondDoctor is a private company and are not affiliated with any hospitals or medical providers. We act in our clients' interests only.

YourSecondDoctor is privately owned and enjoys financial backing from PreSeed Ventures. Preseed Ventures is Denmark's largest and most succesful innovation incubator. They have been financing and assisting talented and hungry entrepreneurs for over 15 years. Read more about them at www. preseedventures.com.